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View what has been done on your computer
Many of us have to share their computers. Therefore, the need to view what happened on the computer while you were away, is an undeniable fact. If you need a handy software that can help you view what has been done on your computer while you were away, then it's time to try History Viewer.

History Viewer is a handy, powerful and efficient tool that helps you easily view the history of all that has been done on your computer.

History Viewer is an easy to use tool that helps you view what other users did on your computer, including visited websites, opened files, viewed movies or images, and so on. This amazing piece of software lets you easily view Windows-specific traces, such as the recent documents, the search history and run history, the open/save history, the "last visited" history and, especially for Windows 7, the "First Folder" and "Typed paths" histories.

Moreover, History Viewer lets you view the entire history stored by various web browsers like: Internet Explorer (URL history, address bar, Cookies and index.dat files), Mozilla Firefox (URL history, Downloads and Cookies) and Google Chrome (URL history, cookies and downloads). You can also open and view the stored links directly from this program, just by double clicking on them.

You can also save the history report to a single html file for late review, you can view the reports with Internet browsers such as IE, Firefox, and Chrome. etc.   view report example

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The most important is: it's completely freeware!

Windows 98/ME/NT/2000/XP/Vista/Windows 7 /Windows 8 compatible


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History Viewer can find out below traces on your computer, even the traces before History Viewer is installed

Internet Explorer

  • URL History

  • Address Bar

  • Cookies

  • Index.dat file


  • Recent Documents

  • Search History

  • Run History

  • Open/Save History

  • List Visited History

  • USB Storage History

  • First Folder(Windows 7)

  • Typed Paths(Windows 7)



  • URL History

  • Cookies

  • Downloads

  • Input History

  • From History

Google Chrome

  • URL History

  • Cookies

  • Downloads

  • Top Visited Sites

  • Keyword Searched

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History Viewer received Editor's Pick of BrotherSoftware, one of the top3 professional software download websites.
History Viewer received RocketDownload's 5-star rating.
History Viewer has been awarded by editors of download25.com with "5 stars" Rating Award
History Viewer 4.5, has been tested 100% clean and rated 5 stars on GearDownload.com.
"History Viewer is a handy, lightweight and powerful tool that helps you view what has been done on your computer while you were away, without your knowledge. It can open and display various \"history\" lists, including the ones created by all the popular web browsers."  Softoxi.com Verified Certification:

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